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Parker PR has teamed up with students from Nottingham Trent University to offer SMEs and charities in the Nottingham area the opportunity of getting some free PR to promote their organisation.

Under the guidance of Parker PR, the second year journalism students (who are also studying Public Relations) will conduct a one-off PR campaign for a business or charity that wants to get involved. Our aim is to help to develop the skills of the students, give them a real portfolio of work to show to employers and help boost the economy of the Nottingham area by promoting good businesses and charities that are making a positive impact in our communities.

There will be no charge for the time and commitment of Parker PR or the students and there will be no obligation to carry on the work with either of us after the campaign is concluded.

So, if you are interested in working with an award-winning PR agency and having some of the brightest young people we know working for you for free, drop us a line and we will get back to you for a chat. 

08 Dec


In January 2015 I will be giving away PR tips for free.


Starting nex year I will be using nearly 20 years of PR experience, expertise and reseached knowledge to give away examples of best practice, case studies on PR crises and PR templates on subjects such as writing a press release, how to approach the media and crisis management.The free PR tips will be given away to people that have registered to receive them. There will be no obligation to carry on receiving the invaluable business advice or to commit to other services - it's free and always will be.

To register to receive the free PR tips, simply contact me through the form on the Contacts page and you will start receiving them in the New Year. 

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping your business grow in 2015.

With winter on the horizon bi-fold door manufacturer and supplier, Vufold, is urging anyone thinking about installation and building works in 2015 not to be caught out by the changeable British weather.

The warning comes on the back of the company witnessing a dramatic increase in demand for its external doors as soon as the weather picked up at the back end of last winter. Vufold supplies a wide range of external bi-fold doors to customers from the English south coast to the Scottish borders from its warehouse and offices in Cheshire, and is keen to advise home owners that late orders could mean significant delays to their plans.

Marketing Manager for Vufold, Kerry Murphy-Kaytan explains the knock on effects the company witnessed earlier this year.

"Last winter gave us some late cold and wet weather which we think made people hold off from placing orders. When the weather picked up in late March/April we had an unprecedented high demand of orders. Fortunately, we keep our warehouse well-stocked with ready to deliver door sets so it did not cause our customers any problems, however, if homeowners suddenly shorten the deadlines to which they plan to work it can impact on suppliers as well as builders. We know builders that simply could not cope with the demand from customers wanting installations done before the summer as everyone had the same idea and rushed to get their plans completed. If spring plans are set back customers could be looking at having doors fitted in the summer holidays when they were hoping to be away on vacation. Our advice to anyone looking at projects for next year is to talk to builders and suppliers in plenty of time about supply times and availability. Having a contingency plan in place if the weather changes can mean the difference between getting the project finished on time or it dragging on throughout the year."

One of the biggest problems homeowners face is the issue of ordering bespoke door sets. Lead times for these can be much longer than for ready-made universal sized doors, not only that, but once they are manufactured the supplier will expect to deliver them. If the supplier does not have the space to store a customer's doors this can cause even more problems, as most respected manufacturers advise against on-site storage.

"From a storing point of view, householders should look for a supplier that can offer short-term or emergency storage options just in case they have to make changes in the installation plans. The other option is to ask about delayed despatch times and whether they are flexible enough to take account of disruptions to installations. Not all suppliers do, and homeowners are well advised to see these as added benefits rather than an expected service. " says Kerry Murphy-Kaytan.

Vufold has been manufacturing and supplying bi-fold, sliding doors and room dividers since 2006. The company is based in Macclesfield where it stores manufactured units that are made abroad under precise construction instructions.


To discover more about Vufold, visit

For further comment, photographs or interviews please contact Graham Parker at Parker PR on 01623 638023 or 07977 448 306 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All comments, quotes, facts and figures have been approved by Vufold and or those quoted. Parker PR accepts no responsibility for any comment in the above and will not be held responsible for anything arising from them.

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