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With winter on the horizon bi-fold door manufacturer and supplier, Vufold, is urging anyone thinking about installation and building works in 2015 not to be caught out by the changeable British weather.

The warning comes on the back of the company witnessing a dramatic increase in demand for its external doors as soon as the weather picked up at the back end of last winter. Vufold supplies a wide range of external bi-fold doors to customers from the English south coast to the Scottish borders from its warehouse and offices in Cheshire, and is keen to advise home owners that late orders could mean significant delays to their plans.

Marketing Manager for Vufold, Kerry Murphy-Kaytan explains the knock on effects the company witnessed earlier this year.

"Last winter gave us some late cold and wet weather which we think made people hold off from placing orders. When the weather picked up in late March/April we had an unprecedented high demand of orders. Fortunately, we keep our warehouse well-stocked with ready to deliver door sets so it did not cause our customers any problems, however, if homeowners suddenly shorten the deadlines to which they plan to work it can impact on suppliers as well as builders. We know builders that simply could not cope with the demand from customers wanting installations done before the summer as everyone had the same idea and rushed to get their plans completed. If spring plans are set back customers could be looking at having doors fitted in the summer holidays when they were hoping to be away on vacation. Our advice to anyone looking at projects for next year is to talk to builders and suppliers in plenty of time about supply times and availability. Having a contingency plan in place if the weather changes can mean the difference between getting the project finished on time or it dragging on throughout the year."

One of the biggest problems homeowners face is the issue of ordering bespoke door sets. Lead times for these can be much longer than for ready-made universal sized doors, not only that, but once they are manufactured the supplier will expect to deliver them. If the supplier does not have the space to store a customer's doors this can cause even more problems, as most respected manufacturers advise against on-site storage.

"From a storing point of view, householders should look for a supplier that can offer short-term or emergency storage options just in case they have to make changes in the installation plans. The other option is to ask about delayed despatch times and whether they are flexible enough to take account of disruptions to installations. Not all suppliers do, and homeowners are well advised to see these as added benefits rather than an expected service. " says Kerry Murphy-Kaytan.

Vufold has been manufacturing and supplying bi-fold, sliding doors and room dividers since 2006. The company is based in Macclesfield where it stores manufactured units that are made abroad under precise construction instructions.


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International metals stockist, Broder Metals Group has established a brand new Special Processing Department (SPD) to ensure that material it supplies is capable of meeting ever more demanding specifications.

The SPD has brought together staff from all Broder Metals Group departments to share their expertise. It ensures customer enquiries received, that may require additional processing or testing prior to being delivered, are dealt with speedily and professionally.
"Our customers have been telling us they are facing more rigorous demands from their customers when it comes to understanding specifications, testing requirements, new materials and product development. Our new Department will be a major benefit to machinists and sub-contractors as they will be able to rely on our comprehensive knowledge of materials, testing or grade development when looking at component manufacture and supply. This is something our customers have to get right but can be very time consuming. We will be able to cut through all the technical details for clients and give them material that meets their requirements and will save them time and money," says Broder Metals Group Managing Director, Mark Burton.

A further benefit to hard-pressed manufacturers will be the Department's ability to convert material grades or sizes for customers to be able to meet these ever more demanding specifications, as well as help them bring on new products or grades – an example here being the recent introduction of MP35N stock.

The expertise held within the Processing Unit will be further enhanced by a 20 week Metallurgy Course that Broder Metals Group Director, Mike Andrews is running at the company.

"The course covers 11 different topics that are pertinent to our materials and our customers' needs. The aim is to ensure that every one of the Broder Metals Group team has more than enough industry knowledge to answer any question customers may have before placing an order. By this December every member of the team will have graduated from the course and that the industry knowledge and expertise passed on will make us a leading source of information on metals and alloys for the fastener industry," says Mike Andrews.

Broder Metals Group is a leading supplier of nickel alloys, high tensile stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, flanges and fittings to fastener manufacturers.
Broder Metals Group employs 20 people at its head office in Ecclesfield, Sheffield from where it despatches orders to customers located in 42 different countries.


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Manufacturers in the metal fastener and associated industries could be costing themselves thousands of pounds a year in lost time and productivity by not providing all the appropriate information when placing an order for raw materials.

Sheffield based international metals stockist and supplier, Broder Metals Group, has carried out an analysis of missing information on orders it has taken and has concluded that customers could save themselves thousands of pounds by ensuring compete details are provided when placing an order.

UK Sales Team Manager at Broder Metals Group, Richard Learad says the results of the analysis surprised everyone at the company.

"We looked through a number of orders taken in the last year and realised that we had spent extra time going back to the client asking for essential information that we need in order to source and supply materials. Sometimes it's really simple things like the size, shape and quantity involved but on others it can be vitally important technical details. This all takes time at our end which can impact on our stated aim of a quick response to quoting, order processing and delivery. More importantly, it can mean the customer delays work on the next order it has to fulfil, which is not good news and impacts on the bottom line," says Richard.

Broder Metals Group is committed to same or next day delivery of materials ordered, which is why it carried out the research, so it can pass on information to customers.

"Sometimes it's a simple oversight that can be sorted quickly but if the technical details such as the GE specifications are not correct or incomplete it can cause real problems. For instance, many GE specifications cover a range of properties required, and the reference number determines which properties we have to supply against. We may be given a specification for an order such as VGS.5.540.1 Revision 1, but there are up to 220 different combinations of tensile and test requirements that are indicated by a set of numbers that follow this specification; for example VGS.5.540.0 Rev 11 – 21. Without the complete code we run the risk of supplying inappropriate material that can then cause problems for the end user. The same applies for the condition and chemistry of the metals we supply to fastener industry manufacturers. We cannot quote against incomplete order information and the time we spend obtaining the details means lost productivity for customers which is always costly," says Richard.

Managing Director of Broder Metals Group, Mark Burton, says the company is taking steps to address the problem in order to speed up the delivery process and save customers money. "We have created a new Processing Unit that spans all aspect of the company from order taking to sourcing to dispatching from the warehouse. The aim is to ensure that everyone in the company has all the knowledge they need to ensure we meet our commitment to same or next day delivery and order details will form a key part of that process," says Mark.

Broder Metals Group is a leading supplier of nickel alloys, high tensile stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, flanges and fittings to fastener manufacturers. The company employs 21 people at its head office in Ecclesfield, Sheffield from where it dispatches orders to customers located in 42 different countries.


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Rotherham’s young “make-up artist to the stars” is celebrating a huge boost to her business and proving that with the right support start-up businesses can really take fly.


Earlier this year Katie Daley-Ahern (24) from Swinton near Rotherham launched her own Professional Make-Up Artist business. She aimed to provide full make-up services for brides and bridal parties in her local area – little did she know that months after the launch her work would be featured on the front page of Hello! magazine and that she would be working with a raft of pop music celebrities.

Katie launched her new business in March after applying for funding from UK Steel Enterprise’s Kickstart Fund, which she used to pay for essential equipment and stock; she also received support from Rotherham Youth Enterprise with her business planning.  

“It’s been amazing to go from starting the business to doing the make-up for former Miss England Georgia Horsley at her marriage to McBusted front man Danny Jones. I did the whole bridal party including singer Ellie Goulding and when Hello! magazine featured the wedding it felt out of this world to see my work on the front page. Next month I give tips on make-up in another Hello! title. I’m now having to think about taking on additional service support to cope with the calls I’m getting but I will never forget the help I got when starting out. Without the grant from UK Steel Enterprise I could never have set up the studio which got me going. Most of my bookings, including Georgia Horsley’s wedding, come from referrals, which is the best way to grow a new business like mine. I’m just loving being so busy at the moment,” said Katie.

Katie uses her salon room to do test sessions with her clients, which could be the bride, bridesmaids as young as 12 or any of the girls and ladies in the bridal party. The young entrepreneur has several years of experience behind her working in professional beauty salons that she used to draw on to launch her own business.

Applicants to the Kickstart Fund can get support from Rotherham Investment & Development Office and Rotherham Youth Enterprise to help them with business planning and mentoring through the early stages of running the business.  The Fund takes applications from young people aged up to 30 that are looking to start a business and need help to get trading. UK Steel Enterprise has helped over 200 people start a business in Rotherham since 2009.

UK Steel Enterprise is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Steel. Its Kickstart Fund provides grants of up to £500 to start-up businesses to purchase essential equipment and or services that can get them trading. Its main investment fund provides business finance in amounts from £25,000 up to £750,000 to companies in South Yorkshire and other areas affected by changes in the steel industry.

Hayley Middlebrook of UK Steel Enterprise says that Katie looks set to become a rising star in her business sector.

“It’s great to see Katie being so successful in such a short time. She clearly has the skills she needs to keep customers satisfied. With the start she’s had she really could reach for the stars; we wish her all the best for the future and look forward to seeing her business expand further,” says Hayley.

Jackie Frost, Manager of Rotherham Youth Enterprise encouraged more people to follow Katie into self-employment in saying; “Katie is a great example of what can be achieved with self-belief and determination. We are happy to have helped her with the grant application process and are already talking to her about how we can provide further support so she can grow the business.”

Anyone wanting to make an application to the Kickstart Fund should call Rotherham Youth Enterprise on0114 269 5053.

Kaitie's work can be seen on her Facebook page at by clicking here  

Photo caption: Kaite adds the finishing touches to Hayley's make-up while she reads about Katie's work in Hello!

A football project in Rotherham has received vital funding  for a project helping to reduce anti-social behaviour among young people.

The Great Millers Youth Forum, which works in association with the Rotherham United Community Sports Trust (RUCST) received a grant of £1,500, made up in equal parts from the UK Steel Enterprise Charitable Fund and the AESSEAL Charitable Trust Community First Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire. The funds are being used to support a football training project that helps young people between the ages of 16 and 24  to engage in activities that can develop social skills and increase health and wellbeing.


Mused Salem from the Forum says that the funding is critical for a number of reasons. “The areas we work in have some of the most disengaged young people living in high unemployment areas of Rotherham. They have little to do in the area and can easily get into anti-social behaviour, which causes problems in the community. We had complaints about youths playing football on a shopping area car park so we thought, why not organise something constructive nearby to bring them together? Without the funding from UK Steel and AESSEAL we simply could not run the twice weekly sessions which are already seeing improvements in community relations in Rotherham. The financial support is superb and we really appreciate it.”

The group runs twice weekly football sessions at Winterhill School in Kimberworth where it makes use of an inflatable football pitch provided by RUCST, which helps to attract young people to engage with the project. The sessions are run, with assistance from RUCST football coaches, for a period of ten weeks covering the summer holidays; a key time of the year where anti-social behaviour can increase and cause community problems.

UK Steel Enterprise Ltd is a subsidiary of Tata Steel that invests up to £750,000 in growing businesses within the South Yorkshire area.  It also has the Charitable Fund that is managed by South Yorkshire Community Foundation, which supports community based organisations that help to make a positive difference within areas that have been affected by the changes to the UK’s steel industry.

Keith Williams, Regional Manager for UK Steel Enterprise says that the Forum is playing a key role in trying to get potentially disengaged young people to look at productive uses of their time.

“This project benefits young people by engaging them in a community based sport right on their doorstep.  The benefits of sport and organised activities are clear and such initiatives  help improve relationships between young people and older residents in the neighbourhood. Young people can also be signposted to other services providing information on education and training, to improve their  employment prospects.”

Sue Wragg, Fund Manager for South Yorkshire Community Foundation said; “The Forum project interacts with young people in a way that provides an opportunity to talk to them about aspirations and improving their potential. We have been working with UK Steel Enterprise for several years, in which time we have delivered much needed funding to our local communities. These projects help to regenerate our local communities and we are very grateful for the support from UK Steel and AESSEAL.”


Photo Caption: Keith Williams of UK Steel Enterprise (front row in hoops) joins the Great Millers Youth Forum football team at Winterhill School, Kimberworth.