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Sheffield based bespoke corporate clothing design and manufacturing company, Style Uniforms, has launched a new On-line Ordering Portal, offering existing and potential customers the prospect of making substantial savings whilst maintaining consistency over their brands.


Style Uniforms has been providing services to clients in the hospitality, healthcare, leisure and retail industries since 1993, it has customers all over the UK, and has some of the biggest brand names in its target market as clients.

To help make the customer experience easier, Style Uniforms developed an on-line re-ordering system that is specifically tailored to each client. It is designed to allow customers with multiple outlets to control expenditure and maintain brand image consistency, as Director Chris Baldran explains.

“We found that some customers experienced difficulties when orders from various outlets in the chain became inconsistent. This led to re-orders, lost time and the brand being presented inconsistently. We designed the portal so that any manager in the chain can log on and order a new item in any quantity, colour, style or size they need; but they are only ever presented with choices that have been approved by head office. This reduces errors, saves time and money and means that no matter where the salon, clinic, shop or restaurant is located, the staff always order only the approved uniforms or clothing with the correct brand designs on them. The Portal proved so successful in our pilot that we are now making it available to all existing clients and it will be a key service benefit we offer to new customers,” says Chris Baldran.

The portal allows for the construction of a dedicated on-line booking page that is based on and contains each customer’s previously ordered or agreed items that can be worn by members of staff. The system provides for much faster simultaneous order placing by numerous employees without the need for one person having to act as a central contact point for re-orders.

“A huge amount of work goes into getting a brand image right, and nothing represents the brand more than employees, so they have to look the part. We spend a considerable time with our clients in the designing of uniforms and corporate clothing so that all members of staff are perfect looking ambassadors for their brands. What our Portal now adds is peace of mind in the re-ordering process as all orders are cross-referenced with purchase orders and if an item of clothing is discontinued, it becomes instantly unavailable to order, which maintains consistency of brand image in front of customers,” says Chris Baldran.

Style Uniforms is based at International House, Nunnery Drive on the Manor Business Park in Sheffield, where it shares premises with its sister company Kit Design, which manufactures and supplies personal protective clothing for security services such as the police, it also supplies Sheffield City Council parking attendants with their utility vests.


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Style Uniforms has designed and manufactured bespoke uniforms and clothing for use in the hospitality, healthcare, leisure and retail industries from its base in Sheffield since 1993. It has customers all over the UK. This year it conducted its very first customer satisfaction survey in preparation for developing a new marketing campaign with the assistance of marketing and PR agency Parker PR - and was blown away by the results.

Company Director, Damian Dugdale says they did not really know what to expect from the survey but that the company’s Directors were totally delighted with the outcome.

"We found a very high satisfaction level among our current customers with nearly 70% stating that they are either highly or very satisfied with the services they receive; overall 92% of current customers are satisfied with the services we provide. What’s more, over 86% of Style Uniforms’ customers have already or would be happy to recommend us to another business or organisation.

“It was great to discover that Style Uniforms is valued by its customers as a supplier of high quality services and is not commissioned on price alone, in fact, price is not a significant defining factor when it comes to purchasing for our customers,” says Damian Dugdale

.Style Uniforms presentation web

To say thank you to the customers that took the time to respond to the survey each one was entered into a prize draw to win a stay at the Four Star, Peak Edge Hotel in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Nearly 40 Style Uniforms customer names were entered into the draw with Nicola Lucas, the Manager of the Best Western Cutler’s Hotel in Sheffield being the lucky one to have hers pulled out of the hat. Nicola was shocked to have won the draw as she says; “I was stunned to be honest, I’ve never won anything before in my life so to win this is amazing, and then when Damian turned up with a surprise bottle of Champagne it completely blew me away.”

Best Western Cutler’s Hotel uses Style Uniforms to provide its staff with suiting, waiting staff uniforms and tabards for housekeeping. Nicola was presented with her bottle of bubbly on the steps of the Hotel, as can be seen in the photo above.

Style Uniforms is based at International House, Nunnery Drive on the Manor Business Park in Sheffield, where it shares premises with its sister company Kit Design, which manufactures and supplies personal protective clothing for security services such as the police, it also supplies Sheffield City Council parking attendants with their utility vests.

Last month we issued a press release on behalf of our client, Vufold, the Cheshire based leading manufacturer and retailer of bi-fold doors.Inside two weeks the story has appeared in two different media outlets - the cutting below is taken from the on-line version of The Door Industry Journal - and it is due to appear in another one very soon. If Vufold had taken the alternative of spending its money on buying advertising space it would have only had one piece of promotional copy to look at rather than three that will hit a much bigger combined target market.

Door industry journal

How are you doing with your promotional budget? Are you spending it wisely and getting good ROI? Are you hitting the targets and potential customers you want? If not, maybe you should consider giving us a call and getting your strategy right. 

Getting the right message to your customers is essential if you want them to take the right action when it comes to buying your service or product. One of my clients, Vufold, the leading UK manufacturer and retailer of bi-fold doors, has found that using mutliple media and marketing channels is certainly paying dividends. 

It's sustained committment to obtaining and using customer feedback and case studies is reaping rewards, as more and more new customers tell the company of how valuable they found it being able to read about existing customer experiences - to see how powerful they can be, take a look at the lastest case study by clicking here and see for yourself how influential they can be. 

In addition to its direct communication with customers, Vufold is working with a host of media partners to reach out to even more potential customers - as can be seen from the media cutting below.

Building News

The above article is featured on the Building News website and will also appear in the October edition of the magazine. A similar artcile will be appearing in the Door Industry Journal in October and in Real Homes Magazine in January. The importance of maintaining your visual presence in front of potential customers must never be overlooked. 

A major expansion project into neighbouring premises and the redesign of existing office space has seen Mansfield based interior fit-out specialists Jephsons Shopfitters, substantially increase its manufacturing floor space and dramatically alter the working connection between offices and workshop.

Jephsons recently transformed the interior of its ground floor to maximise and optimise existing space between the offices and its original almost 8,000 square foot workshop.

That change complemented the award-winning company taking possession of a neighbouring unit on Maun Way to house a new manufacturing and storage unit of over 4,000 square feet.

Operations Director, Nigel Schofield says the company is already reaping the benefits of the developments. “The new office-to-workshop layout gives us designated work zones and a much better flow-through from the offices to the workshop. It feels like a much smoother workplace with a transition from developing clients’ project ideas to having them manufactured in the workshops. From a customer point of view it means we have greater capacity to complete jobs on time and to budget – which is a winner for all concerned.

“The new manufacturing unit was a necessity to keep up with customer demand and it is already reaping dividends. We’ve been able to transform the way deliveries and dispatches are handled as vehicles can now enter between the two buildings with ease. ”