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Sheffield’s design and manufacturer of bespoke corporate uniforms, Style Uniforms, has stepped in to make a massive difference to many of the city’s homeless people this Christmas, with a donation of nearly 100 all-weather jackets to be distributed by the charity, Homeless & Rootless at Christmas (HARC).

Style Uniforms and HARC web

Damian Dugdale and Peter Morris from Style Uniforms hand over boxes of jackets to Julie Roberts from HARC

HARC runs a drop-in service each year; this year it is based at the Cathedral Archer Project on Campo Lane in the centre of Sheffield. It provides, food, clothing and a range of health services as well as entertainment. HARC will be open from the morning of 24th December until lunchtime on the 1st January, 2017. While all the other support services for the homeless in Sheffield close on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, HARC is the only one of its kind that stays open, thanks to the generosity of the volunteers that run the service.

Julie Roberts is a Trustee of HARC and welcomed the support from Style Uniforms.

“This is an amazingly generous donation from Style Uniforms that will make a massive difference to the people we support who may be sleeping rough this winter – it could mean the difference between life and death for some of them and we can’t thank Style enough for the wonderful generosity,” said Julie Roberts.

Style Uniforms Director, Damian Dugdale, says the company is more than happy to be able to help the less fortunate at this time of year. “We are a Sheffield based company and believe we have a corporate social responsibility to uphold in our own city. If we can help in any way, we will. HARC does a terrific job in looking after the homeless at one of the most challenging times of the year and we are proud to be associated with its work,” said Damian Dugdale.

Style Uniforms is based on the Manor Business Park, Sheffield from where it provides services to clients in the healthcare, hospitality, leisure and retail sectors all over the UK

Manufacturers of Spit Guard Pro, the protective restraint hood used to prevent restrained people spitting at the Police and other security staff, have moved to reassure the public that it is the safest and most humane method of protecting both parties involved in a restraint situation.

Spit Guard Pro

British Transport Police recently used a Spit Guard when restraining a young man at a London underground station. Footage of the arrest flooded social media and has been picked up by numerous mainstream media.

Spit Guard Pro was designed and is manufactured by KIT Design, a specialist Personal Protection Clothing company based in Sheffield. Director of the company, Paula Romano, says the public should be reassured that Spit Guard Pro has been developed over many years to the highest of health and safety standards.

“Spit Guard is absolutely the safest and most humane way to protect both the Police and a member of the public that is being restrained. It is manufactured to the highest design standards that take into account both the safety of the Police and the person wearing it.

“Spit Guard Pro is only used by the Police when they feel they are in a dangerous position when someone threatens to spit at them. Apart from the awful discomfort of being spat at, Spit Guard Pro protects the Police from the threat of contracting transferable diseases such as HIV AIDS, Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases.

“The Guard is hypo-allergenic and does not constrain the wearer in any way. It allows them to breathe easily, maintain vision and able hear what is being asked of them in a restraint situation. We accept that to the untrained eye it is a strange looking and startling looking thing, but we have spent years developing it and it is the only one of its kind to have been certified under the CE 93/42/EEC Directive and is globally recognised as the most effective and safest of all similar products,” says Romano.

Ross Ferguson who is a member of the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) expert panel on restraint techniques says if an approved spit guard is being used properly, then the public need have no fears about its use.

“Restraint should always be a last resort but it is part and parcel of daily life in the securities industry. Spitting is a really big problem, with serious risks to the health of members of staff involved in restraining people. We are aware that there are differing opinions on the use of hoods but there are solutions, and Spit Guard Pro is one I approve of,” said Ferguson.

Director of Kit Design, Paula Romano, says that Spit Guard PRO is recognised by many Police forces as the best option to deal with spitting; “We are currently supplying police forces in Norway, Sweden, Scotland and Finland as well as the British Transport Police, Staffordshire and West Mercia Police and it is currently being trialled by the Metropolitan Police. It can be used when people; become aggressive in public places as well as prisons, hospitals, care homes and mental health services. It has been designed to catch and contain any spit or vomit and cannot be removed by the person. In the case of the person being ill while wearing it, Spit Guard Pro can be removed without any of the contents of the hood coming into contact with the wearer or the person removing it. With it being disposable there is no risk from infection or contamination either,” says Romano.

Spit Guard Pro comes with full safety instructions on how to use it and KIT Design advises all user to contact the British Transport Police about training to use it as it is running the national training programme in its application.

KIT Design, which is based in Sheffield, has been manufacturing its spit guard for over five years. Its unique features include protection against asphyxiation, a quick release system, the spit hood contains all fluids safely and hygienically for easy disposal. These features make it very different to other products on the market which often allow phlegm to go through the gauze, do not capture all emissions and or use straps to hold them in place.

Are restaurants, bars and hotels missing a branding trick by overlooking the importance of the apron that staff wear when serving customers?

LI banner

Specialist bespoke corporate clothing design and manufacturer for the leisure sector, Style Uniforms, certainly thinks so and has evidence to back it up too, as Director, Paula Romano explains.

“The apron worn by a waiter, bar staff or member of the serving team is often one of the first things seen by a customer and yet so often it is overlooked as being plain utility clothing. We believe that the apron should take centre stage as a multi-functional branded garment that emphasises the core values of the company it represents. There are so many ways in which an apron can be designed to reflect the bar, restaurant or hotel’s brand that there is no reason to settle for a boring off-the-shelf plain black look. An apron can say so much more about the place it is being worn in and presents the perfect opportunity to promote a brand,” says Paula.

Style Uniforms has been providing aprons to well-known bar and restaurant brands for over 23 years from its base in Sheffield. Over the years it has seen a definite shift by leading brands toward using the apron to make a statement about the company and how it connects with customers. Bars and restaurants that are fighting for every customer have recognised that their brand must be identified at every opportunity and have requested an apron that has synergy with clientele.

Style was recently asked by a long-standing customer to come up with a new apron that connects with its young, dynamic and socially vibrant customers.

“The concept we came up with was a combination of a stonewashed, lightweight denim shirt with a butcher’s striped apron; but we did not leave it just there. We developed the apron to incorporate customised elasticated braces so the garment was figure hugging. This meant there were no loose straps or draw strings hanging down, resulting in the staff members being able to move and work freely while attending to customers.

“The end result is a comfortable, easy fit work garment that emphasises the need to look stylish in company. We have been told that staff love it so much it could be rolled out across the national brand,” says Paula Romano.

According to the designers at Style Uniforms, the secret to a good branded apron lies in combining utility with crafted style. Special attention has to be paid to the range of simple but essential equipment that the modern operative would need to carry, including tablets, hand held radio devices, pens, note pads and blades to name but a few. The plain black apron is certainly on its way out according to Paula.

“We are seeing clients wanting so much more from their corporate clothing and aprons are right up there in importance. Apart from the visual detail which is carefully aligned to the image and focused of the brand, there are other options that can be incorporated for maximum branding effect. We have provided clients with possibilities such as drop down bibs for an instant half apron look with a modern feel, reversible and alternative styles for changing day to evening looks. The apron is possibly the first and the last thing a customer sees, which is why brands should be aiming to make sure it is has a high priority when the staff uniform image is being created,” says Paula.

Style Uniforms has been providing design and manufacturing services to clients in the leisure industry since 1993, it has customers all over the UK, and has some of the biggest brand names in the sector as clients.

The company is based at International House, Nunnery Drive on the Parkway Industrial Estate in Sheffield.

Sheffield’s bespoke corporate clothing design and manufacturer, Style Uniforms, has appointed Cathy Gleaden as its new Sales Accounts Manager.

Cathy Gleaden web

Cathy (43) from Rotherham has been appointed following Style Uniforms winning new contracts with a national hospitality brand and the company’s plan to increase market share in that sector.

Cathy Worked Previously at Uniplex UK Limited where she was responsible for quality procedures as well as direct sales and marketing of on-line products. 

“Cathy brings with her a broad range of skills and experience that will meet many of our needs at Style Uniforms as we continue with our growth plans. We are busy recruiting more sales and manufacturing staff to meet current customer demand and we are looking forward to Cathy planning a significant role in overseeing those new members of the team,” said Style Uniforms Director, Damian Dugdale.

Following hot on the heels of a great March,  interior fit-out specialists, Jephsons had an outstanding April’s with eight of its fit-outs for Costa Coffee being totally “snag-free” at the handover point. Costa Brighton

Jephsons completed re-imaging fit outs at the Costa Coffee cafés in Crewe and The Brewery in Romford with only a four-day shut down on both. At Turner Rise in Colchester it completed a shell to handover project – all three were for the estates department at Whitbread owned brand and all three were totally snag free at hand over.

“We are absolutely delighted with the way our interior fit-out teams are performing and maintaining the high level standards we set for our customers. An 80% totally snag free record over ten fit-outs in one month is brilliant and we will be pushing to raise that percentage even higher in future” said Commercial Director, Ian Jephson.

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