KFC branding gets a refresh with help from Jephsons

12 May


A ten-night refresher of a KFC restaurant in Exeter by Jephsons has seen it left sporting the brand-new distinctive exterior look that presents a completely new image from the traditional red-fronted style customers have become used to seeing.

KFC Exeter 4 web

The Jephsons team worked overnight from 11pm till 9am the next day so that the customer, KFC Estates, could remain trading throughout the refresher that included a refit of the front of house, toilets, kitchen and the outside.

The new Timco panelling is being applied to the front of restaurants. Exete is only the second one that Jephsons has done, with the Timco replacing the old aluminium panelling so well known by customers.

Operations Director for Jephsons, Nigel Schofield, says the new look is transforming the image of the food retailing brand. “KFC is the UK’s best known retailer of take-away chicken and its branding is very well recognised. However, like all good branding, it is important to refresh the style every now and then while retaining customer loyalty. The new wood panelling look is very effective and will make the KFC restaurants stand out on the High Street. We are delighted to be playing our part in keeping KFC in its market leading position by working with the company and its franchisees to make sure they stay open and look great when customers walk through the doors. The fact that we handed over yet another restaurant with no snags is just one indication of how hard we work to make sure that happens.”