Media coverage works to get the message to customers

30 Sep


Getting the right message to your customers is essential if you want them to take the right action when it comes to buying your service or product. One of my clients, Vufold, the leading UK manufacturer and retailer of bi-fold doors, has found that using mutliple media and marketing channels is certainly paying dividends. 

It's sustained committment to obtaining and using customer feedback and case studies is reaping rewards, as more and more new customers tell the company of how valuable they found it being able to read about existing customer experiences - to see how powerful they can be, take a look at the lastest case study by clicking here and see for yourself how influential they can be. 

In addition to its direct communication with customers, Vufold is working with a host of media partners to reach out to even more potential customers - as can be seen from the media cutting below.

Building News

The above article is featured on the Building News website and will also appear in the October edition of the magazine. A similar artcile will be appearing in the Door Industry Journal in October and in Real Homes Magazine in January. The importance of maintaining your visual presence in front of potential customers must never be overlooked.