Inspirational Speaking

Graham Parker is a motivating and inspiring speaker. In 1988 a near death car crash left him with two smashed legs, one of which was hanging on by a thread. It took him 12 years to rebuild his legs, during which time he visited seven different hospitals, had over 30 major operations and lived with the fear of amputation. He has since gone on to trek across the Andes to Machu Picchu, parachuted from 3,000 feet and cycled hundreds of miles for various charities. He also spearheaded a campaign to build a £70,000 war memorial to honour the fallen from his home town. Graham's professional career has seen him transform from being a coal miner to making documentaries for the BBC to running an award winning PR agency for over ten years.

Graham takes his own experience of overcoming challenges and makes them relevant to each audience he addresses. He takes the lessons he learnt and shares them with the audience. His key subjects are: facing adversity and winning, building a winning team around you, setting your goals and achieving them. He has a passion for inspiring people to believe in themselves, face their own challenges and realise their dreams. His talks cannot fail to inspire and motivate people who may be facing challenges in their professional and personal lives – and let's face it; who isn't in one way or another?

His talks are appropriate for business audiences, young people that need inspiration and any group of people that need a motivational boost.

Check out his show reel and the testimonials from people that have seen him talk and then drop him a line to see how he can inspire you.

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