Parker PR Privacy Policy

Parker PR processes and controls personal information about contacts in compliance with PECR, Data Protection and GDPR regulations. The company does not any sort of tracking device in its website and does not use the website to gather information about people viewing any of the website pages.

Parker PR undertakes advertising, marketing and Public Relations activities to promote Parker PR and its clients. In doing so, it processes and controls information about individuals that it considers having a legitimate interest in the services provided by Parker PR and or its clients.

On occasion, in the process of managing campaigns on behalf of customers, it is necessary for Parker PR to have access to the personal information of clients’ customers. This information is always kept and managed in a total secure manner on password protected software. It is never shared with anyone else besides the client and is only ever used to maintain communication channels between all three parties.

The information we hold is only pertinent to business matters, and contains no more than the following headings:

  • Name, title and company/organisation
  • Telephone, email and website address
  • Postal address
  • Records of times communicated with accompanying notes of conversations/emails exchanged

This information can be used to create reports that are given to the relevant Parker PR client in order that they can conduct legitimate business and fulfil the requests of customers contacted.

On occasion, personal information obtained from purchased mailing lists or from direct contact, may be used to promote more than one client or a related organisation, where it is believed that the contact may have a legitimate interest in the products and or services that the client or related organisation has to offer. Personal information held by Parker PR is never shared with anyone outside of the company, only its relevant customers or organisations that it is working with and is only ever shared on need to know basis and or where there is a contractual obligation for it to be shared.

Parker PR will use a variety of communication channels when advertising, marketing or engaged in Public Relations. Theses can include email, posted mail and promotional material, telephone, text, SMS, and social media platforms

Any individual that wishes for Parker PR and its affiliates to stop processing and or controlling personal information held about them, should contact Parker PR directly via email, letter or telephone to have their information removed from Parker PR’s contact lists.

Parker PR will, on application, provide anyone that it holds personal information on, a full copy of the details of that information in a written format within 30 working days of the request being received. If the information is relevant to one of Parker PR’s clients, then written authority from that client will also have to be sought and provided before any information is disclosed by Parker PR.