Parker PR

In the last week I have given two presentations on marketing and been fortunate enough to attend another on a very specific aspect of the business discipline, that of networking.

My first workshop was to a group of businesses that needed to address a major change in their market; personalisation and individual budgets. Businesses providing care and support services to a wide section of the population are waking up to the fact that their future customer relationships are going to dramatically change. Instead of contracting with large organisations like Local Authorities offering block contracts to provide care and support, these businesses will have to shift from essentially being wholesalers to bespoke retailers. This change is being brought about because, in principle at least, the Government wants to give greater autonomy to the customer who needs the care and support services. In future the individual will hold the budget for their care provision and decide who will provide it,  when, where and how. Many people tend to think that the real driver behind it is the chance to reduce the welfare budget under the cloak of personal empowerment. Whatever the reason, the fact is the market is about to experience a fundamental shift.