Parker PR

For some time now there has been a whiff, just a faint one but still a discernable whiff of social rebellion in the British air. Something has changed or is changing in the social contract in this country - people seem far more open to not only challenging the old order, but actually consigning it to the dustbin. Where is the evidence for this? Look at the rapid rise in popularity for Nick Clegg and by default for the Liberal Democrats - is this down to better presentation, policy or simply the fact that the electorate have actually had enough of the existing systems?

Nick Clegg is winning the PR battle hands down, not because he is using the polished tactics of Mandelson and Campbell or the well groomed performances of Cameron; no he's winning because he is connecting with his target audience in a way that the other two parties have completely forgotten how to do. He is comfortable with his message, his style and conviction whereas Brown and Cameron look polished, professional and stilted. They look, and indeed are, the personification of what people are turning against.

I gave a marketing presentation at the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool at The Big Event and could not help but be struck by the apparent waste of resources in the exhibition hall.

The event was aimed at people and organisations working in the predominantly public and not for profit sectors who provide personal care services. My presentation was on preparing a marketing strategy that takes account of the changing face of service provision thanks to the introduction of personalisation budgets - my PowerPoint presentation is available from me via email.