Is "Dry January" working for your business?

11 Jan



Many of us, for various reasons, will have taken the decision to cut out or at least seriously reduce our alcohol intake this month. Most of the time this is seen as way of detoxing after the festive binges, tagged on to some idea that we are starting the new year in a positive and healthy fashion - it's a "new me" for a New Year.

On a personal level, I decided I wanted to free my mind and body from the extra stimulants I felt unnecessary, and although I don't see myself as "doing dry January" as such, I am committing myself to not drinking till at least February; when, if I don't feel the need to drink, I very may well carry on abstaining.

I guess we should all be feeling the benefits, should all be waking recharged and full of energy to take on the new day, even if it is grey, cold and very uninspiring.

But here's the thing. I started this thing with the hope of feeling better, and while I am not having to deal with a sluggish head due to a bottle of red the night before, not drinking is having a negative impact on my work. Why? Well, simply because I now find it harder to get out of bed in the morning. I sleep deeper and wake up later, I feel very disinclined to get out of bed and feel like I want to sleep for the rest of the day. This has NEVER happened to me before. Even after a fairly heavy night on real ale (which I do like a lot) I could get up at seven and be in the office for eight very easily.

Don't get me wrong, once up, I have the energy levels I had before, possibly even more so, but it is a real struggle to leave my duvet at the moment.

So, this got me thinking - how is Dry January impacting on others' work? Am I alone in experiencing what could be seen as a negative effect of trying to be good and healthy? In other words, how are you feeling, eleven days into not having your favourite tipple, a few jars down the local or that very pleasant nightcap?

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