Bite the bullet - Trump knows his market

21 Jan


Over the years, a select few politicians have stood on platforms and declared their intention to think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable; some with better intentions than others, but most with an aim of shaking up the system or status quo, to throw a cold bucket of water in society's face, to walk to the end of the gangplank and offer us all a very strong black coffee.

And so I find myself thinking the unthinkable about a man who clearly is willing to do the same - has Donald Trump dared to see the elephant in the room that everyone else is blind to - or to put it another way; is Trump's approach actually right?

For years the liberal left has bemoaned the state of politics, not just in the US and UK but worldwide. "It stinks, they are all in it for self-gain, they don't give a hoot about the common man and only use the middle-class as power pawns in the game" - we've all heard it, many of us have said it and complained from the comfort of our sofa's about the wretched "system."

Then along comes a man who promises not only to change things, he's going to tear up the rule books of politics, diplomacy and PR and replace them with no BS straight talk that the "common woman and man" can understand. He is going to address his public in the language that they use and recognise. He knows full well that he will lose some people and many others simply will not buy into his speeches and rhetoric at all - but that does not matter because this speaker, this marketeer has done his market research. He sees a huge gap in the market where no one is meeting it's demand.

For years the competition has played the game by its own rules and it worked; but what if they failed to see their market share dwindling in the face of demand for something else - just as Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons ignored what Aldi and Lidl saw?

What then if the new supplier comes along and sees these consumers and addresses them in a very attractive way that sees him suddenly gain market share and bottom-line growth? The competition is at a loss - how can this be? His promotional offer is all wrong, it's packaged with bad taste and runs counter to all the accepted marketing techniques; except it's not - it's actually classic in structure and delivery.

Trump has not so much turned politics on its head as applied basic business sense to his campaign. He is treating everything as he would a business - see the market opportunity, understand the language of customers and fill his keynote speeches with messages that resonate with the demand from that market - how could he fail? The rest of the market may be screaming blue murder at his approach but it can kick and scream all it likes, Trump will carry on addressing the market in his way so long as it responds to him; once it stops, he will change his message so that he retains its loyalty - we have already seen that with his reneging on campaign statements.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blinded by his hollow rhetoric, like any good reality TV contestant, he will say anything to keep the man across the desk from pointing the finger and saying "you're fired" he knows how to play this game - let's face it, he invented a good part of it, he made up these media rules and knows how to use them to his advantage. Like the street hawker, he understands how to pull in the crowd, make them an offer that they can't resist and walk away with their cash in his pocket.

How else can we explain his ability to mock the afflicted and minority groups and get away with it? He does that because his core audience are not engaged on those subjects - at least not in the same way that the competitions' public is.

Obama was revered for his oratory and diplomacy - the very opposite of Trump you may think, and yet Donald has the right speaking skills for HIS audience. It is not the same audience that that Barack and Hillary addressed, they had lost their market share and Donald was not interested in them; and he certainly is not using the same speaking approach - he doesn't have to and won't, he is speaking to a different audience .

Trump is bringing business to the Whitehouse like no other President before because he sees America as a business, a huge company with a massive workforce that requires work. He needed to get them motivated to believe that capitalism is best handled by people who understand markets and not politicians who understand how to handle diplomacy and keep everyone happy. Trump is not interested in keeping anyone happy other than his workers in USA Plc.

Politics and politicians have let millions of us down for centuries in applying all sorts of economic strategies. Many of us bemoan politicians for "not living in the real world" for not having had any "real work experience" and for being career politicians. No one can lay that claim at Trump's feet - like it or not, President Trump is right on at least one front.


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